Aikido Central Coast




Information about Aikido for San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Atascadero and Paso Robles:

    The martial art Aikido began under the guidance of Morihei Ueshiba, known as O'Sensei or Great Teacher. He developed the art after many years of practice and mastery in Aikijitsu and in sword and jo arts. His Aikido retained the martial effectiveness of its predecessors while emphasizing conflict resolution rather than destructiveness.  Other martial arts typically emphasize protecting oneself by blocking and then striking or kicking back.  Aikido movements blend with an attacker's movement and lead to the attacker being pinned or losing balance.  Many Aikido techniques immediately affect an attacker's center or balance point while secondarily manipulating joints, further taking balance. Other techniques appear to involve throwing the attacker.
     In our San Luis Obispo Aikido Dojo, training usually involves practicing techniques as demonstrated by an instructor.  Initially, one studies basic technique as well as how to receive technique(ukemi).  As basics become solidified, practice advances to more dynamic, flowing techniques. The study of Aikido weapons, usually the bokken and jo, are incorporated into classes.  These further augment student's progress by enhancing their posture, extension and "Ki" and lead to more effective Aikido techniques. Through practice, most aikidoists find improved balance, flexibility, focus, awareness, and self-confidence.  While many people practice Aikido for its physical and self-defense aspects, these other benefits extend to people's careers, personal lives and other hobbies.
    Aikido Central Coast is affiliated with the California Aikido Association (Division 2) under the direction of Michael Friedl, 7th Dan, Shihan.